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The current climate status clues to develop the utilization of normal, eco-friendly and compostable items. Perceiving and supporting this reality is Ecogratus, a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based organization, committed to advance feasible living. We are an as of late settled specialty unit, functioning as a maker and exporter of bagasse products, Areca Plates, Wooden Cutlery, Biodegradable Bag, Bio Bags, Birchwood Expendable Cutlery and other biodegradable items.

We guarantee quality creation utilizing biodegradable materials. We guarantee our total exhibit improves the day to day environments of millions while saving climate by not making waste and contamination.

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Address: Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur – 50480
Phone number: +60 1729 69656, +60 1124 237647

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